GLT Acquires Fireboat Anthony J. Celebrezze

By GLSR Staff  |  Latest News, Tugs, Towboats & Barges
The Great Lakes Towing Company (GLT) has acquired the Fireboat Anthony J. Celebrezze. The purchase will allow the GLT to provide firefighting assistance for shipboard or shoreside fires, particularly in Great Lakes ports where a high volume of winter ship repair work is performed. The Fireboat will also be able to respond to shipboard fires while a vessel is underway.  

The 61-foot Celebrezze, formerly owned by the city of Cleveland, Ohio, is a twin screw, 600 HP tug, equipped with two fire pumps and five monitors, providing a total of 6,000 gallons per minute of off-slip firefighting capacity. The Celebrezze, named after the 49th mayor of Cleveland, has been around for decades. It has been a valuable resource for the Cleveland Fire Department, serving as a base for the dive team and facilitating firefighting operations along the river, including the infamous Cuyahoga River fire in 1969. 


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