Lakers & Salties

More than 25 companies operate ships on the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System. Find the latest information on shipbuilding, ship innovations, and technological advances here.

Herbert C. Jackson: Small but Powerful Contributor to Interlake’s Fleet

Although the smallest boat in the Interlake Steamship Company fleet, at 690 feet, Herbert C. Jackson is an active and important contributor. The Jackson has carried a wide variety of... Read More

Change Is the Only Constant: Adapting to the Ever-Changing Demands of Industry

There are many things in which change is the only constant, and this has been the case for the barge Commander through her 65-year career. She has been rebuilt time... Read More

Great Lakes Towing Acquires Plotz Machine & Forge

Great Lakes Towing Company (GLT) has purchased nearly all of the assets and real estate of The Wm. Plotz Machine & Forge Company. The two companies, Cleveland-based neighbors, have done... Read More

New Technologies: Are efficiencies and opportunities taking us backward?

My briefcase was stolen out of my car while I was traveling recently. In addition to having to cancel or report stolen articles like my passport, my Nexus card, my... Read More

New Biodiesel Era: CSL Completes the World’s Longest-Running Trials on Marine Engines

With sights on decarbonization and environmental stewardship, CSL recently completed trials using B100 biodiesel to power bulk carriers and self-unloading bulkers in the Great Lakes. Testing began in 2020 and... Read More

In the Shipyard: Winter Work

Prepping the Fleet for Short-sea Shipping Read More

Decarbonizing for Success: Reduced Fuel Costs and Enhanced Efficiency Demonstrated Onboard Algoma Conveyor

The maritime industry’s growing focus on decarbonization faces unique logistical challenges based on its wide variety of fuel and technology needs. Furthermore, shipping has seen a simultaneous rise in operating... Read More

Preparing to Receive Larger Lakers

Alpena receives $3.8 million to upgrade vessel access Three other Great Lakes ports benefit from similar MARAD grants THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION is funding dock improvements in Alpena, Mich.... Read More

Building New ATBs

How the subs will move through the Great Lakes/Seaway system Read More

New Shipyard in Ohio? Bartlett Maritime Corporation Presses for Navy Contract to Increase Great Lakes Shipbuilding

Capt. Ed Bartlett has a vision. If it turns into drydocks and vessels, it will bring ship-building and an estimated 5,000 direct, permanent jobs to Ohio through two privately owned... Read More